TacticalGamer Squad v12 Video Contest

Video Submission Deadline:


All Squad Players!


TacticalGamer Video Submission Contest


TacticalGamer Squad Server


Now through Saturday Dec. 1st @ 11:59PM Eastern


TacticalGamer wants to feature YOUR Squad clips in a high-intensity, action packed trailer focusing on teamwork, coordination, tactics, and strategy. Your clips will also be used to help showcase the new TacticalGamer Stat Tracker!


Questions? Contact us via our Discord here: https://discord.gg/hd5bpRx


  • All submissions will be nominated for the Tactical Gamer Video Production Ribbon!
  • Ribbon winners will have their ribbon displayed on their Squad Stats Player Profile.
  • Top 3 videos will be featured on the TacticalGamer Squad Stats homepage and have the feature spot in the trailer!


  • Winners will be determined by total votes received.
  • All TG community members can cast up to 3 votes.


  • Submit any Squad v12 gameplay clip HERE!
  • Clip must be from the TacticalGamer Squad Server
  • Clip must be no longer than 3 minutes & maximum 1GB in size
  • 3 submissions maximum per entrant
  • Videos may include real gameplay and/or scripted clips (SDK allowed)
  • Entrant must be in good standing on the Tactical Gamer server
  • Submission does not ensure your clip will be used in the final trailer


  • Use separate audio tracks (Shadowplay audio option)
  • Prefer 1080p resolution
  • Retain a copy of your original (unedited) clip