Kamdesh RAAS v2

British Army vs Russian Ground Forces

Map/Layer Stats

Total Rounds Played


Average Round Length

1h 12m 32s

Average Player Count


Average # of Kills


Average # of Revives


Average # of Logi Points Delivered

Coming Soon!

Average # of Ammo Points Delivered

Coming Soon!

Faction Winner Distribution

British Army - 50.0%

Russian Ground Forces - 50.0%

Tie - 0.0%

Most Popular Kits

Kit Time Played
Soldier GB AutomaticRifleman 1h 13m 04s
Soldier RU LAT 1h 12m 11s
Soldier GB Marksman 1h 11m 53s
Soldier GB Marksman 1h 11m 52s
Soldier GB LAT 1h 11m 52s

Round List

Round Date Round Winner Round Length
Dec 28, 2018 Russian Ground Forces 1h 13m 10s
Dec 28, 2018 British Army 1h 11m 54s

Heat Maps

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